Trading and Scheduling

MCG’s Integrated Asset Manager System (IAM) provides energy traders and schedulers an easy-to-use system for bid capture, physical scheduling and tagging, market submissions, market clearing, real time scheduling, performance reporting, and settlements. IAM fully supports scheduling and market submissions with all North American regions and markets. The integrated nature of the software means that information need only be entered once to create your bids/offers, OASIS reservations, and e-Tags while adjustments and curtailments are automatically reflected in your positions and performance reports. This level of integration also facilitates easy settlement reconciliation with ISOs as well as counterparties, allowing drill downs into the individual trades and tags making up each settlement charge.

Integrated Asset Manager (IAM) also provides a single system to manage generation and load forecasting, planning, submissions, positions, and settlements. Create load forecasts visually based on similar days, auto-create demand bids for submission to markets, import generation forecasts from your unit optimizer, manage unit parameters and auto-generate market bids, track market awards, and see scheduled vs. actual volumes in a fully integrated asset management platform.  IAM provides the ability to manage generation, load, physical flows, E-Tags, transmission inventory, market data, prices, and settlements in a single system with full integration allowing the utility to seamlessly schedule, track, and settle their assets.

Integrated Asset Manager (IAM) Product Details (PDF)


Hosted Data Services (HDS) provides a single, easily accessible hosted platform for reporting and data archiving for all MCG hosted systems. HDS’s application front end has full search, filter, report, and display building capability as well as a programmatic API for performing queries directly against the HDS database using simplified views of the data, allowing for full ad-hoc querying of all customer data. This allows for long running queries to be performed against HDS rather than the production system to alleviate performance impacts, as well as direct integration via our APIs to internal systems.

Hosted Data Services (HDS) Product Details (PDF)